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More Random Facts About Me

I listen to t.A.T.u. from time to time.
I follow Lena Katina’s career since t.A.T.u split.
From 1993 to 2005, I followed the music of Ace of Base.
When I was 9, I busted my forehead open while roller skating outside and had to get stitches.
I wanted to move to Sweden when I was 13.
The first artist I ever listened to was Elvis Presley.
I like to refinish furniture when I have time.
I’m very scared of heights.
If I start dreaming about numbers, it means I’m about to vomit.
Crime shows keep me occupied.
Roseanne, Three’s Company, The Big Bang Theory, Matlock, In The Heat of The Night, Emergency! and 2 Broke Girls are some of my fave sitcoms.
Most of my recent songs I have written are about my ex-girlfriend.
I like to go fishing.
My dream car is a silver Mazda RX-8.
“Titanic” makes me want to ram my head into a wall.
I want a pink and black nautical star tatt on my upper left arm.
Christmas is my favorite holiday.
I was born on St. Patrick’s Day.

Random Fact You Might Not Know About Me

1. I’m very reserved in public, but at home I’m outspoken.
2. Around the holidays, I love to bake for friends and family.
3. I am a teenager trapped in a grownup’s body.
4. In 2000, I wanted to join the U.S. Air Force, so I could become a journalist.
5. When I was born, my right foot was twisted inward.  By the time I turned 4, I finally had surgery to correct the problem.
6. I go around talking and singing to myself when I’m alone.
7. I know how to change the oil in my car.
8. Sometimes I feel like people are after me or plotting against me.
9. I can’t stand jazz, country or rap music.  It makes me want to punch people in the face.
10. I could listen to certain symphonic metal bands 24/7.
11. I named my daughter after a stuffed animal I had.
12. As a child, I raided my brother’s room for his toys.  Dolls just never caught my attention.
13. I used to own a gun, .9mm tactical.
14. I would like to be famous for only 15 minutes, then fade into the background again.
15. It takes a long time for me to gain trust, depending on the person.
16. I love listening to vinyls from the ’60s and ’70s.
17. I’ve woken up at different times kissing a pillow I sleep with at night.
18. I haven’t had full experience with another woman.
19. I have a few secret crushes on friends.  I PLEAD THE 5TH!!!
20. In my alternate reality, I’m a rockstar.
21. I don’t bond too well with people.
22. I don’t like people who are stuck on themselves and think they are better than anyone.
23. I love IKEA furniture, but have never been into an IKEA store.
24. I could play Guitar Hero all day.
25. I like burning stuff.


Well, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is April.  I’m a single mother with a soon to be 9-year-old.  I like to read and research certain topics that interest me.  I suffer from mental illness, but use the diagnosis as fuel for writing.  I have been diagnosed with Major Depression and Schizotypal Personality Disorder.  Writing is my therapy, so I plan on doing a lot of that on here.  Through my posts, I hope you get to know me better, and that my experiences can help everyone in some way.  I am going to do something I’ve never done before; rip myself completely open for everyone to see.