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Future Producer?

Eh, I can dream can’t I?  The only musical training I have is limited piano knowledge, sloppy self taught guitar, played the clarinet for a couple of years and vocal training from different choir experiences.  Back in 2008, I thought I would take a chance on buying a mixing board.  I was working at a retail music store chain at that time and was amazed at all the gear in there.  I had a lot of song ideas, and still do, that I want to play around with.  Only person I would produce is myself so that is why I posed to question of future producer.  Anyway, the picture above is the first mixer I bought, and stupidly sold a year after I bought it.  Nope, didn’t get a new one, just needed the money for bills.  Let’s not get into saying I wasn’t stupid for selling it.  Back on topic!  I thought I knew what I was doing, but had no idea!  I did record a couple of things through it though.

At least I knew how to take the audio and use it for a YouTube video!  BTW, that video is from an old YouTube account of  mine.  I never learned how to record instruments and vocals all on separate tracks so I just had to ‘wing it’.  Recently I have started writing a fiction book based on music.  Reading about how the music is structured and the recording process of it all has made me want to try again.  It’s frustrating that I don’t have my mixing board, but maybe in the near future I’ll get one, get proper training, acquire more instruments and record one of my songs.  We shall see how it all works out.  Until then, I can watch YouTube videos to gain more knowledge.


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