Music, books, and personal thoughts on life

Updated Introduction About Me

Some of you may or may not know me, but I’m sure a majority of the world does not.  My name is April and I’m from Baton Rouge, LA, USA.  I am a single mother and have been divorced since 2007.  I consider myself a ‘research freak’ since I like to challenge my brain to learn new things.  I wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement, but after I gave birth to my daughter, I put that on hold.  Hopefully in the future I can pick back up with college and get my degree in Criminology.  I LOVE listening to music!  I didn’t like loud noises when I was a young kid, but when I heard Elvis Presley, I changed my mind.  When I was 9, I took piano lessons for a year, but the teacher moved away, so I never picked back up to further my education with it.  When I got to 6th grade, I took up playing the clarinet in the school band for two years.  By 8th grade, I was ready to switch to choir.  At the end of the year for choir, the class had to break up into groups or individually to prepare a performance for the final exam.  No one wanted to work with me since I was going to sing an Ace of Base song; it was a solo so it worked out for me.  I worked on the song everyday and impressed the choir teacher as well as the class with my performance.  I am pretty much a quiet person so it surprised them to hear me sing.  I’m no expert but I love to sing.  I have been trying to teach myself how to play guitar and suck!  I have had some help though from my dear friend in Denmark, who has been in the music biz for many years.  He and I have also collaborated with songwriting over the past 8 years through ideas I have discussed with him.  I have been writing lyrics ever since I was 13 and it’s interesting to see how I have grown since then.

Aside from writing lyrics, I am currently writing a book that I have been developing for 20 years.  I was 13 when I came up with the idea and it has been changed around a lot since then.  I will not disclose too much information about it on here, but I can tell you the setting is based around the music industry in Sweden, but more focused on the band members’ personal lives.  It is fun creating a fictional band and characters as well as developing their personalities.  Who knows, maybe my book will be made into a movie, but only time will tell.  I have also been rewriting some of my lyrics; they may or may not be used in the storyline. I hope my book does become well known with other music fans, musicians, bands and whoever else.  I’m working really hard to not write about ‘work’ for the musicians and singers who might pick it up for a good read.

Some of My Dreams:

-Be a successful writer/lyricist.
-Have at least one hit song that I wrote and hopefully sing.
-Travel around the world to help the ‘outcasts’ feel like they do matter and have a purpose in life.
-Stay focused on my spirituality (religion is man-made and kills everything).

Random Facts:

I have two tattoos; Evanescence symbol on my mid back and a Celtic cross with a shamrock on my right hip.
I can change my voice to sound like cartoon characters or to match some dialect from different regions.
Musical talent runs in my biological gene pool (I’m adopted).
I prefer old TV shows than the new ones.
I yell at the TV when I watch Big Brother.
I have A.D.D. and Major Depression; they help me with my creativity.
I always go around talking to myself and laughing at my own thoughts.  Yes, I get strange looks as well when I do that.
I was born on St. Patrick’s Day.
Never cared to get my ears pierced but did have my lip pierced for 72 hours.
Have never desired to smoke, snort or shoot up with illegal drugs. I used to smoke cigarettes, but I quit after a few years.
I despise injustice and mistreatment against people and animals. I will admit I get pretty pissed off when I see that.

Ciao for now!


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