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More poetry

The poems I’m posting are one’s that I wrote in 2007 and 2011.  I guess you could say I’m showing you my ‘dark side’.  It’s interesting how I wrote these a long time ago and have recently heard a few songs that are along the same lines.

Slowly walking through the
Dim lit halls of my mind,
Images of you still taint
The walls.

I drank poison from lust.
That first taste had me
Craving for more.
You consumed every part of me.

The poison almost killed me
And you left me to die.
You came back around
To finish me off.
You viciously ripped out
My heart, spit in my face
And walked away again.

I survived and now cleaning the tainted walls
November 2011

Untitled #2 

There is a presence
Of fear as he
Starts to come near.
He tells her that
He loves her, but
She knows it’s a
She looks into his eyes
And sees nothing inside.

She is nothing to
Him anymore.
Nothing but a soul
For him to control.

She is sick of
Being in this place.
She takes one look
Look at her face,
And sees she is
Nothing to herself.


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