Music, books, and personal thoughts on life

Some poetry

Enjoy some of my poems!

Dark grey rain clouds
roll across the sky,
it’s fun to watch
them pass on by.
Off in the distance
lightning strikes the ground.
Thunder rumbles afterwards,
breaking silence with sound.

Big drops of rain
soon come pouring down,
Wetting everything around.
The shower washes away
the grit on the streets,
leaving behind clean concrete
March 13, 2012



Your voice from the
Past haunts me in
My sleep at night
Memories of you taint
My no longer peaceful
You lurk in the
Shadows, just to torture
Me and watch me
Lose my mind

Let me go, let
Me live
Stop pulling me down
Into your pit in
Tired of living in
Tired of living here
In darkness

I’m breaking free tonight
No longer will you
Rule over me
I’m hunting you down
Like a bounty hunter
In the pale moonlight
An army of warring angels
Behind me; enough is
Together we plan on
Taking you down

Let me go, Let me live….
September 5, 2012


No more water flows
Through this ravine.
The heat of the
Sun dried up the
The flowing water of
Buzzards fly above
The dry bones.

Nothing left living in
This drought.
The love between them
Is gone.
No more love flows their
Bones for each other.
It has died in the drought.
June 27, 2011




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