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Remember The Words

Note: This is completely my own viewpoint.  So if I am wrong about something, understand it’s how I see it; I am a lyric freak.

Remember the days before iTunes and Amazon were around?  You had to go to the record store and buy the CDs.  Remember the excitement and frustration of ripping off the plastic wrap, slipping the CD into your player and feeling the rush of fresh music?  While listening, you probably pulled out the liner booklet and read over the lyrics so you could sing along.  How many times did you try to find the meaning of the songs?  It seems like some people are looking for a meaning behind the lyrics.  There is more to a song than just words, music and production.  There is more than meaning behind it all.  Songs are stories set to music.  It is about being a great storyteller and capturing an audience.  It is about feeling and seeing the story being painted in your mind.  There are some people who just skim over the lyrics, find some sort of hidden message and move on.  Some songs in mainstream today have lyrics that say, “I’m horny so let’s get our freak on.  Blah, blah, blah, blah I’m just singing about random shit.”  Where is the next generation of Bob Dylans, McCartney and Lennons, Joni Mittchells and Carol Kings?  Where are the next generation storytellers?  Yes, there are some talented people crafting and producing today, but it seems like they focus more on production than lyrics.  A storyline in songs is the heart and soul that brings it to life, aside from the music.  The next time you download or buy an album, look past finding a meaning and look for the story.


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