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What About The Rest of The Band?

I have been away dealing with personal things, I am back now.  Now, on with my post!

How many of us remember No Doubt from back in the ’90s?  They were tearing up the charts with singles from their album ‘Tragic Kingdom’.  One of those singles, ‘Don’t Speak’ was very popular.  The video depicted Gwen Stefani getting all the attention while the guys were completely push out of photo shoots and such.  Without the musicians in the band, there wouldn’t be one.

I read a lot of old interviews from when some bands are just starting to break out into more of the spotlight.  A few of them were from female fronted bands.  Some of the ladies expressed how they are only one part of the group, not the whole band.  I have noticed what they mean by that statement.  The focus is on them and not everyone else.  I’m a big fan of Delain; I like everyone in the band.  Same goes for Nemesea, Amaranthe, Within Temptation, Leaves’ Eyes and even Ace of Base.

If you look through pictures of female fronted bands, it seems like there are more of the lead singers than of the band together.  It’s great to have interviews with the lead singers, but it would be better to hear from all the members than just one.


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