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Brief Histroy About Music I Like

Back in the early 90s, I started listening to different kinds of music. I grew up listening to 50s-70s rock due to my parents. Haha, there was even one point I listened to country, but that was short lived! I began listening to Top 40 radio when I was 12; pretty much when I moved  to South Louisiana. I would listen to Nirvana, Gin Blossoms, 2Unlimited, UB40, Live and a few others. In 1995, I was into Alanis with her nasty take on life. There were time I would have to give my Ace of Base CDs a break! I remember in 1996 I began listening to U2, Radiohead, 311, Sublime, Jars of Clay, Veruca Salt….what I called ”college” radio. So it has been a slow transition over the years to where I am now. For a couple of years, all I listened to was techno/trance stuff like The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method and DJ Scooter to name a few. I listen that from time to time on Spotify. Evanescence is the one that brought me over to hard rock in 2007. I have grown apart from their music though.   Spotify has introduced me to other artists as well as reconnected me with music from my earlier years.  So that is my musical adventure in a nutshell so far!


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