Music, books, and personal thoughts on life

Updated Bucket List

Here is part of my growing bucket list:

1. Take vocal and guitar lessons for improvement.
2. Record an album.
3. Personally know someone famous.
4. Get a degree in Criminology.
5. Learn Danish, German and Dutch.
6. Visit San Francisco.
7. Travel to Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.
8. Research my biological family history.
9. Own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
10. Start an outreach for those who feel like they don’t fit in with society and show them they are valuable to our world.
11. Spend couple of days each with my favorite bands and solo singers.
12. Publish two books.
13. Live in Göteborg and Copenhagen for six months each.
14. Compose lyrics for a Eurovision or Melodifestivalen song.
15. Become an advocate for abused children and animals.
16. Take karate lessons.
17. Go skydiving.
18. Learn how to surfboard.
19. Own a home rather than rent an apartment.
20. Die happy.


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