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Thoughts about Nemesea’s album “The Quiet Resistance”

I discovered Nemesea through Spotify in the beginning of May of this year.  I have been captivated with this up and coming band from the Netherlands!

“The Quiet Resistance” was released back in 2011.  This is my first time to give my thoughts on lyrics from bands I like, so cut me some slack.

Track 1- The Quiet Resistance

Track 2 -Caught In The Middle: This song makes me think of the struggles we all go through in life.  “Should I go this way or that way?  Am I doing the right thing or the wrong thing?” I feel like I am stuck in the middle and I’m being pulled to be good or evil.

Track 3- Afterlife: The song makes me think of “Frozen” by Delain, but on a different level. Frozen, to me, is about wanting to have a relationship with someone who is closed off to any outside emotions. Afterlife is about wanting a relationship with someone that did not work out in real life, but could happen in the afterlife.

Track 4- Whenever: This song reminds me so much of my ex-girlfriend and how she could never admit she was wrong; in her mind she was always right.  She was like an addiction for me but I had enough of the lies and had to walk away even though it was hard.

Track 5- If You Could: When I first heard the song, I thought it was about a relationship gone bad and losing the other person. The more I listened to it though, the more I came to realize it is about the death of a loved one. This song brings me to the edge of tears at times when I think of loved ones of mine that died.

Track 6- Higher: I have to admit I love this song! I get a huge grin on my face when I hear the intro. Manda and Charlotte’s voices blend so well with each other! The lyrics make me think of the last relationship I was in a year ago. I had dated the person in the past, but things between were worse than before. Basically they couldn’t take me high enough anymore.

Track 7- Say: Be straight forward, say it like it is and don’t sugar coat your words. Words can be just as strong as actions. They can come across as being sweet or bitter or both.

Track 8- It’s Over: The way I interpret the lyrics is that decisions we are trying to make can cause anxiety and fear in us. Trying to move out of our comfort zone is scary enough, but we all have to take that leap of faith to get out and up to the next level in life. It’s over being scared; jump and learn how to fly.

Track 9- I live: To me this song is about gaining trust with someone. The visual I see in my head is someone who has been hurt before and the other person is telling them they can be trusted, so give them a chance. Let them show you how much they care about you so you can build trust.

Track 10- Stay With Me: My interpretation of this song is that you give your all to someone, the foundation of the relationship is rocky but the two of you will overcome it all.

Track 11- Rush: All I can think of when hear this song is getting a high off of life or something that just gives you a rush such as certain music, going fast in a car or on a motorcycle, whatever it may be.  That rush takes you away from reality and it’s as if you can’t get enough of it.

Track 12- Release Me: No interpretation for me, just an awesome song is all I can say, meaning I’m speechless.

Track 13- 2012: Very kick ass instrumental! \m/

Track 14- Allein: I read that Allein means alone.  With that being said, this song reminds me of the demons that show up uninvited in my life and my angels are there protecting me.

Give Nemesea a listen and I’m sure that you will become a fan as well! 😉


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  1. I once said on Facebook that I’d eat my hands if I heard a better album than The Quiet Resistance. Someone from the band replied that they couldn’t wait to see how that worked out. I still have my hands!

    01/24/2014 at 4:50 am

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