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10 Years Ago, Life Changed Forever

On the 30th of October this year, it will be ten years since my daughter was born.  She wished she could have been born on the 31st, but I told her the 30th is the night before Halloween and plays a part in it.  She smiled and said she was okay with being born on the 30th.
I remember finding out that I was pregnant on my 22nd birthday.  I was already engaged and planning my wedding; I knew there was going to be a lot of stress involved.  I really could never see myself as being a parent even though I thought about it from time to time.  I was scared out of mind when the pregnancy test came back positive.  I was not ready to be a parent at 22!  I had to grow up quick and learn the ropes of being a parent.

It has not been an easy road but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Only thing I would change is the physical abuse she went through with her ex-stepmother and the rapes that her ex-stepbrother committed against her.  Both she and I are learning how to live on our own again and she always test my limits.  I would never be nominated for Parent of the Year, but no parent is perfect.  She looks up to me like I am a rock star.  She loves to help me out with anything in the kitchen or when I’m helping my parents maintain their yard.  She has an artistic side and can use so much paper to draw dress designs, flowers or anything else that comes to her mind.  She cares about helping other people who don’t have a lot.  She tries to imitate what I do whether it’s singing, playing guitar, playing the piano or writing.  She has an upper hand on me with piano though, she took two years of lessons.  She is really good with math but struggles in reading.  I am opposite; really good in reading but struggle with advanced math like algebra and others.  It all boils down to that she keeps me on my toes constantly.  I dread the teen years that are ahead; mood swings and an attitude from Hell.  I know I put my parents through Hell when I was a teen and drove them to the edge many times.  Combine her Dad and I’s personalities and mischievous ways, it’s going to be one tough battle, but nothing tough love can’t fix.

Ten years have passed quickly.  We will go though a lot over the next phase of life.  Soon I will no longer be the rock star she looked up to; I’ll be considered Nurse Ratched at some point.  On a happier note, happy early birthday to my sweet daughter!


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