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Random Facts About Me: My Quirks

On this lazy Saturday, I thought I would write some random facts about myself.

1. When I have a plate of food, I have to eat the servings one at a time and they can’t touch the other food on the plate.
2. Once I get hook on a certain genre of music, I stick to listening to it all the time.
3. Even though I am lactose intolerant, I still consume milk and cheese when I know it will make me sick.
4. I keep  people at arms length and don’t let anyone get close to me.  If I feel threatened with closeness, I push people away; I have major trust issues.
5. I am a deep thinker at times.
6. I am very verbal when I’m talking to one person, but if someone else joins the conversations, I’m not verbal anymore.
7. I like being alone more than being around a large group of people.  If I have been in a large crowd for a long time, I MUST be alone for a few hours to recharge; it drains my energy.
8. I have a short temper.
9. I don’t like people who are showoffs or think they are better than anyone else.
10. Even though I don’t let people get close to me, I like to help others who feel like they don’t belong to know they do matter to others.


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