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Don’t You Forget: This Is Your Dream

We’ve all had dreams that we have wanted to accomplish in our lives.  Maybe you wanted to be a famous painter, or a well known author or even a rockstar.  You knew that you had to work hard to get to that point and you are even at this point in life still pursuing after it.  I don’t think we ever stop pursuing after what we know we would enjoy or be good at doing.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actress, a police officer or a singer.  It never crossed my mind that I really wanted to be a writer.  I have loved reading ever since I was a kid.  My mother could tell you there were many times she found me sitting in the middle of the floor in my room, reading a book when I should have been getting my shoes on.  A few of my friends and I would do a lot of role playing when we would play with each other.  There were even times during the summer as a kid, I would go out in my backyard late at night and do my own role playing.  I remember I came up with a very short musical about a town getting a letter about an important person coming to visit.  My mother said I never had a vivid imagination as a child, but I think that right there shows she’s wrong.
When I was 14, I asked my parents if they would pay for me to take voice lessons so I could develop my singing voice.  Well that request got shot down due to the fact that they thought I had already messed my voice up and that I wouldn’t really make it as a singer.  I have been told that I have a good voice and that singing lessons don’t sound like a bad idea.  Maybe one day I’ll be a Susan Boyle!

I never knew I had the ability to write anything good until I was 13 and took a chance at writing my first set of lyrics.  In the summer of 1994, I was really big into Ace of Base (go a head and laugh), one of their songs sparked something off and I wrote what came to my mind; the name of the song was called “Time”.  There was no chorus, just one of those songs that flows like a poem.  I remember showing it to my Dad and he was very impressed with it.  My mom told me it was juvenile and not advanced.  HELLO!!!!  I was only a juvenile at that time.  Anyway, I have been doing a lot of writing since then and find I get a lot of enjoyment from it.  Short stories, lyrics, poems and now advancing into novel writing.  I hope to have a current manuscript I am working on ready to be sent to publishers soon.

I thought I was aimless in life; that I would never settle on anything and just be a complete loser for the rest of my life.  Here I am at 32 and finally finding what I want to do for the rest of my life.  I looked at others I see around me who were set in their careers.  I have felt like a fish flopping all over the place because I couldn’t find satisfaction in other things I did.  I thought I would be a police officer after attending college to get a degree in criminal justice, but nothing panned out.  I will admit I have a very short temper, so I would have probably been put behind a desk or suspended for beating up perps.  I thought about going to culinary school to be a pastry chef since I really like to bake.  The more I thought about it the more I would lose my passion for it.  It would be like taking one of my hobbies and making it like work which would be a killjoy to me.  Writing is different for me though, it can be a career but also be fun at the same time.

I have fought through criticism and told I was chasing a pipe dream.  I’m chasing after my dreams of writing.  Whether it’s writing lyrics, poems, short stories or novels, it’s one thing that makes me happy.  I am still chasing after my dreams to have something to do within music as well.  No, I’m not a very good musician but I do like the technical side of things aside from singing.

Chase after your passions and dreams!!  If someone says you can’t do it, look them dead in the eyes and say, “Watch me!”


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