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Self Expression Is Part of Creavitiy

Over the past couple of weeks I have been taking a self journey to find out who I am and has been interesting.  I found a side of me that was suppressed when I was a pre-teen and that was self expression.  I was never allowed to dress the way I wanted to or dye my hair different colors aside from what my mother deemed ‘normal’.  I had to conform to the image my mother wanted, a ‘normal’ daughter who was well behaved and stayed out of trouble.  I stayed on the straight and narrow to appease my mother’s wishes, but I was dying on the inside by doing that.  It wasn’t until 2011 when I had a spiritual awakening  that I saw what was suppressed needed to come out.  I may have not gone to extremes of dying my hair purple like I wanted to do when I was 17, but I have learned to lighten up and have some fun.  I have found a part in myself that wants to entertain people and feel the energy from them.  All of that has been locked away because of my sever lack of self confidence, judgement from other and being an introvert.  I am extremely shy when I first meet someone, but once I feel comfortable with them then I open up.  However, I’m slowly learning to overcome my fears and to let my inner child express herself.  We all have an inner child in us that needs to be nurtured and loved just as we want someone to love us.  I believe through that inner child is where our self expression lies and we must take care of them.  Self expression come in many forms such as art, dance, writing, singing, tattoos, piercings and so on.  So, go ahead and take some time to find your inner child, nurture and love them and let them lead you on the road to self expression.


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