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I know I have written my thoughts on Nemesea’s albums and how I interpret the lyrics in my own way.  I could write a little history lesson about them, but I don’t want to get facts wrong and such.  It’s hard to believe that in a few months it will be a year since I discovered them on Spotify.  The 8th of May 2013, the first Nemesea song I heard was “The Way I Feel”.  I was standing in my parents’ kitchen folding my laundry when it came on.  I went back through what had just played and found the name of the band. Being the research freak I am, I started looking up information about them  such as their location, discography, band members, etc.
I felt like I could relate to many of the songs because of going through some of the emotions expressed in them.  They are the second band in my lifetime that caught my attention and held on to it.  For me, their music is addicting and I never get tired of it.  There are times when I’m writing my book that I will start off listening to Mana and end with The Quiet Resistance.  Manda’s voice is so powerful and full of emotion that it has moved me to tears at times.  HJ can play the hell out of a guitar and make me want to grab a lighter to hold up in the air when he does his solos.  Sonny is one hell of a bass player and can keep the crowd engaged when he does his solos.  The way Lasse has the electro sound arranged is total genius!  His song ‘2012’ on The Quiet Resistance is a kick ass instrumental and the arrangement is awesome.  Frank’s style of drumming fits well with Nemesea and has an ‘in your face’ sound that I like.  Nemesea has added something good to my life and I’m sure others could say the same.  When I was living in a ghetto apartment complex last year, I almost lost my sanity because of the environment I was in.  When I got stressed, I would play Nemesea on my iPod and forgot about the bad stuff going on around me.  Their music helped me escape from the noise of violent people who lived below me.  During the summer, I listened to them as I mowed my parents’ yard every weekend and had ideas for my book sparked off while doing that.  Yes, I do listen to other bands and not just them.  Currently I’m listening to Zedd, 2 Brothers on The 4th Floor, Fallout Boy, Panic At The Disco and Anette Olzon.  Nemesea is pretty f**king awesome and I hope others will discover them as well, and become fans.

Happy Anti Valentine’s Day


We all know that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating being in love, getting roses, a box of chocolate and all that other stuff.  Excuse me while I go over to a corner and barf!  Hey, I have my right to dislike a certain holiday!  It is so overrated and can be down right depressing to some people.  I’m cool with being single and have been for the past 2 years.  Haha, yeah, I won’t win anyone over with my sarcastic tone, but I could care less about a relationship right now.  It can be depressing to some people because they long for that special someone to spend the rest of their life with or whatever to shower them with love and attention.  Think about how they probably feel seeing others around them head over heels in love and all they probably ever hear is about the dates, gifts and all the other bullshit.  That shit gets old after awhile when you constantly hear it.  There have been times in the past I have wanted to punch someone in the face because all they could ever talk about how great their significant other was and that their life was perfect with them.  Okay, so when that significant other rips your heart out, stabs it and then hands it back to you, is your life with them still going to be perfect?  The next thing people around you will hear about is how that person was a complete asshole and you will never date anyone again.  Guess what?  That’s how the vicious starts again, by saying empty words to yourself.  When you have an asshole who completely broke your heart, don’t search for another one who you believe will put it back together.  Enjoy the single life!  Take yourself on dates and enjoy your freedom!  Most of all, take time to discover who you are.  Maybe Mr. or Ms. Un-Perfect spilled poison into you; give yourself time to purge it.  Worst thing anyone can do is get in another relationship and spit the former partner’s poison at your new love.  If you are single on Valentine’s, don’t sulk.  Be happy about being single and enjoy it!