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In The End

I have posted about working on a story for 20 years a few time on here.  A friend of mine helped me see that I needed to step back and see where things were going with my story.  Things change in 20 years as well as point of views.  I found the real main character who I had been silencing for a long time.  Her point of view is where things should have started from, but it took me a while to see that. Things are flowing much better now and it will be a story some people can relate with.

Last night, I had an idea for the ending and typed it out.  As I was doing that, I began to cry.  I could see and feel what was going on in the scene and with the characters.  Even though I will be happy to get finished and go through the process of publishing, it’s sad at the same time.  Here are these characters I have gotten to know since I was 13, who have been like my best friends, and they are going to be gone soon.  There is somewhat of a happy ending for them, but it’s going to be a depressing time for me.