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New Adventures

On Monday, I will be going back to work after almost three years of being unemployed.  I have had the freedom to do what I want, but that won’t be the case now.  I have never been able to handle change, but it’s a part of life.  There is no way to avoid it or stop it from happening.  We all go on new adventures in our lifetimes and learn something from them.

Being unemployed has been an adventure itself.  Many resumes submitted, not many phone calls for interviews.  I thought I was never going to get a lead, but I did.  I have never done QA testing, but it never hurts to learn new skills that could help you somewhere else in life.  I’m glad that I won’t be in a stuffy office  environment and filing away paperwork like I have done in the past.  I’m glad I won’t be dealing with the public.  There are some rude people out there who think you are their servant and you are at their beck and call.  I’m more of a behind the scenes person, but sometimes I have to be in the spotlight.

I’m scared, nervous and excited about this new job, but I just have to remind myself it will all be okay.  I have stayed closed up in my apartment too long, so it’s time to get out and rejoin society.  As some may say ‘Land of the living’.  I’ll still have time to work on my book, which is good.  I hope to have it ready by the Christmas holidays.  I will be self publishing it.  There will be both a printed and e-version of it.

I’m ready to take the first step of faith into the unknown.


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