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Crazy Over Göteborg, Sweden

On my Facebook page recently, I have been sharing and posting photos of Göteborg, Sweden.  I’m probably sure I have some friends wondering why I am so hooked on GBG.  Sometimes when you research and study about a location you want to visit or use as a setting in a story, you can’t help but get hooked.  That’s how it is for me anyway.  For the past 20 years, I have been gathering information about Göteborg.  It has been the setting for my current manuscript since 1994.  The story line has drastically changed, but never the location. “Why doesn’t your story take place in the Southern U.S.?”  “You have never lived in Sweden or Göteborg, so how do you know what the city and people are like.”  In the rules of writing, you can break them. There is no set standard how you should write it or where the location takes place.  I have learned that the citizens of Göteborg seem opened minded and friendly.  The city has diversity, which is a good thing, despite the issues that already exist.  No city, town, or village is perfect. They all have their problems.  Bottom line, the city fits what I want in my story.  I have a few friends who can critique my portrayal of my Swedish characters, but I will have a bit of an American twist.