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Child Abuse

New Bethany Home For Girls: Hell on Earth UPDATE

Blog from April 2014

UPDATE: There have been reports that a girl, who was murdered in the early 80s, is possibly linked to New Bethany.  Please look at this Facebook page and see if you recognize her.  She has a family out there who needs closure.  Thanks.

I Am A Dutch Viking

Last week, a couple of friends posted a link to a multi-part series of an article published by The Times-Picayune about some former residents of New Bethany Home for Girls filing charges against the minister who ran the place.  I sat in shock as I read what they endured while they were there.  My interest in this hellhole spilled over into searching the internet for more information.  Story after story of physical abuse, sexual abuse and brainwashing by this horrible man, Mack Ford, and his staff left wounds so deep in these people’s lives.

New Bethany, in my eyes, was nothing but a way for Mack Ford to make money and hide behind “religion” to satisfy his sick pedophile fantasies.  I put religion in quotes because it is man-made and it kills everything.  As a child I was disciplined with a belt if I did anything wrong.  I was never…

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