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Blue Is The Warmest Color (La Vie d’Adèle, Chapitre 1 & 2)

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I finally got a chance to watch the movie Blue Is The Warmest Color.  Despite what some movie critics and others have said about it, I found it to be an excellent piece of art.  I could relate to some of the story line, more so with Emma than Adele.  When the newness of their relationship began fade, it became obvious they didn’t have a lot in common.  Emma was more artistic and creative, whereas Adele was what I call simple and uninspired.
Two parts of the movie moved me to tears.

The first one was when Emma found out Adele was having an affair with a colleague.  I understand that Adele felt alone because of Emma being consumed with her artwork, but there was lack of communication between them.  She could have gone to her and expressed how she was feeling, but she chose to run into the arms of her colleague to feel like she was wanted.  To see the tears in Emma’s eyes showed how much she had been hurt by Adele’s actions.  She took Adele under her wing, taught her things and then was betrayed by her.
The second part that moved me was when they met up each other a few years later.  It was obvious that Adele had never gotten over Emma.  You could still see a connection between them, but it was different this time.  Emma still had feelings for Adele, but she had moved on from her.  She had her life with her partner and the partner’s daughter.  Like she said, that was her family and life now.  If she would have had an affair with Adele, she would be doing what was done to her and would have felt horrible for doing that to her partner.
I think if some people would look past the sex scenes and the same-sex relationship, they would see the full story.  Every relationship goes through ups and downs, and we all face judgment from society.  When people don’t understand something, they tend to react in fear rather than learn about it so they can understand it.  The story of love and loss is one many can relate to and that is what this film shows.  Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos did a wonderful job bringing their characters to life.  I read that they only read through the script once and didn’t look at it again during filming.  They felt like people you would know in real life, not some stereotypical characters in a movie.  I see why Spielberg gave them the award he did, they deserved it.