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Sometimes You Have to Set Your Dreams Free

Ever since I was 13, I have had dreams of being a famous singer/songwriter.  I wanted to perform across the globe and make a living in the music business.  I have written many different lyrics over the years, worked with someone to help me put music to the words, and even had some submitted to a publishing company, only to be rejected.  They said my lyrics weren’t mainstream for their liking.  I didn’t let that stop me from doing what I had set out to do.  The engine that has driven me over the years to chase after that dream died a few years ago.

Things in my life have shifted and priorities are different now.  I don’t have the drive and passion for pursing some sort of career in the music industry.  Lyrics no longer flow freely from my fingertips, I haven’t actually sang in almost a year, and I just don’t have the passion for it anymore.  Sure, I like to create songs on a music program on my computer, but that’s a bit different.  You can’t create a masterpiece of you don’t have the passion for it.

I have focused more of my attention on writing short stories and writing a couple of books.  That is where my passion lies now.  It’s a better fit for me and I enjoy it more.  I’ll still do a few things around music, but not as much as I have in the past.  Sometimes you have to set one of your dreams free.  I’m letting go of a music career dream so I can pursue the one where my passion truly lies…writing stories.


Music: My Passion

When I was growing up, my parents had a player piano they would play to entertain guests whenever they would have a get together.  My brother took piano lessons when he was 7 and was always practicing.  I wanted to do the same as well when I was 3, but did not know how express my interest in wanting to learn.  Maybe banging around on the piano keys was an indication.  I had always enjoyed music class in elementary school and got excited when we would learn to play songs on the xylophones or other percussion instruments.  I was really excited when I joined the school choir in elementary school because I loved to sing.  I still love to sing even today; it’s a natural high for me.  When I was 9, I started taking piano lessons and advanced on to playing the clarinet in middle school.  I didn’t take piano lessons for long though; the teacher moved to another state.  I can say that learning to play the piano helped me when I transitioned to playing the clarinet.  I have been writing lyrics ever since I was 13 and it’s interesting to see how I have grown since then.  At age 14, I knew I wanted to be a singer, but my parents never supported that dream.  Like I said, I still love singing and will never stop.  Music for me is soothing and helps to calm my overactive nerves.  The feel of a microphone in my hand, my fingers struggling to fret chords on the guitar, my hands moving across the keyboard or piano….all natural highs for me.  I may not be a professional or have many years of training but just the little experience I have in itself is satisfying.  Biologically, I do come a musical family, so it is in my blood.  So when I write a topic about music or bands I really like, understand music flows through my veins and will always be a part of me.